Encountering other cultures and learning photography

Necessaryimage is the choice to learn photography while travelling in Morocco in a different way, with an eye to sustainability, supporting locals and involving them, while creating a link with our participants, in the respect of culture and people.

We live and work in Morocco.

Our travel make use of hostels and accomodations that have been set-up and runned by locals.
Encountering other cultures and learning new things is what we offer, with a local travel operator and a professional photographer living and working in Morocco since 2005.

About the Author

Marco Ricci  is an italian photographer,  who specializes in commercial, industrial and architectural photography. He moved to Morocco in 2005, and founded one of the leading photographic companies, ‘KAOTIC Photography’. He has been able to build a large  client base, and has worked on many prestigious campaigns, and in 2014, he was honored to be one of the photographers Fujifilm had chosen to be their ambassador.
Marco is working and living in Morocco since 2005.

Our Partners

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